Saturday, November 28, 2009

Digital Books

By Eduardo Mayorga.

Keeping up to date on knowledge has many pathways such as meetings, courses, journals, and books. Living in the digital era, digital books are one more option we have.

Digital books have 2 main advantages over paper books: 1) you can carry a whole library on your notebook or reading device, and 2) they are usually less  expensive than their counter part on paper. More important, for those of us that live in countries that have to pay for shipping, electronic books usually save us from 30 to 50% percent of the complete cost of the purchase.

One place to search for these books is the well known Amazon store and specially the Kindle edition.

Kindle is a reading device from Amazon that you can use to buy, download, store and read all the digital books you buy at Amazon. Until recently, you could only buy from the US, but know you can buy from abroad.

You can watch a video on Kindle here.

If you don't want to use a special reading device, you can also manage your Kindle account from your notebook or computer using a Kindle's PC software that you can download form here.

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