Thursday, October 29, 2009

Posting Powerpoint Presentations to the Web

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga
In past blogs, we have showed you ways to give a lecture to your students when you are away from the place they are, using synchronous communication tools.

But, what happens if you cant't be online at the same time as your students? In this case, there are ways you can deliver your lectures using software that will convert your PowerPoint presentation to a web compatible format.

One of many resources you can use is AuthorStream, a web based software that allows you to upload, convert and store PowerPoint presentations, with or without audio, and view it on the web as the following.

         Classroom vs web based teaching

AuthorStream has a free version (as the one we used above), and paid versions that may add more features.

If you need to post your presentations with more sophisticated controls, notes, search capabilities and quizzes integration, you can look at software such as Articulate. Of course this software is not free and you need a web site to upload your presentations. Articulate can provide this, but you get charged for this also.

The following presentation was built with the Articulate Suite. View the presentation

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