Sunday, February 28, 2010

Using your cell phone as your notebook's modem.

by Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

The digital era has changed the way we handle information. In the the digital era knowing where to find the information is as, or even more, important than having the information. Why? Because the amount of information we can store in our long term memory is minimal if we compare it with what is stored in the Internet, which is also easily retrievable.

Internet access is available almost everywhere, but sometimes it can happen that your home Internet connection is down or you are at an airport with no access point, or at a convention where you have no access and need to connect to Internet using your computer. At these times is where using your cell phone as a modem can be very useful.

To connect to the Internet with your notebook and a cell phone you will need software to make the connection.
One place to look for this software is "Junes Fabrics" where you will be able to find the software that suits your phone.

Once you have it working, never again you will be "disconnected" from information.

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