Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adding narration to PowerPoint presentations

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Every year we give our new residents lectures we have been giving to other residents, year after year.

Many of these lectures, mostly those on the basics of ophthalmology, don't change much.
Teachers' time can be optimized by using the PowerPoint's feature to add audio to your presentation.

For busy teachers that lecture twice or more a week, adding audio to their presentations can help them save several hours a week.

Having your residents watch audio-recorded lectures does not mean you leave them on their own. You just use this feature for the knowledge transfer phase, but you walk into the classroom, once the lecture is over, to answer questions and stimulate discussion.

You can find how to do this using the "Help" feature in PowerPoint.
You may also want to watch this short tutorial we prepared. Click here to view.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Dr Eduardo M

    Thanks so much for sharing such an information.

    It will really save precious time....which can be used for a patient care while students are attending to PP lectures with recorded narration